Cath Taylor…

photoEssentials:  Cath Taylor, Picton, Australia.

I like to write which is why at the age of about five my ambition was to be Enid Blyton.  Not to be like Enid Blyton, let’s be clear.  To be Enid Blyton.  In person.  I’ve read all the stories again as an adult and I think I’m good with that ambition now.

Anyway, these days I work in communications for UnitingWorld and you can check them out here.  They’re an agency of the Uniting Church in Australia working with communities here and overseas to utterly banish poverty and injustice from the face of the earth.  That sort of thing.

Before this I worked as a public speaking and debating coach, an English teacher, in Baptist pastoral work, as a social justice consultant, a youth worker, a music teacher, a freelance journo, a reading tutor, a checkout chick (okay so I was only 14 then), an astro-physicist (hint – one of these is a lie) and earned Degrees in Arts/Communications, Secondary School Teaching and Theology.

More conventional than my meandering career, early in life I blundered into the arms of the best man on the face of the earth and we produced ourselves three children, Jemima, Hugh and Brydie.  Completely unexpectedly, our son Hugh died when he was eight hours old of idiopathic pulmonary hypertension, which in laymen’s terms means that without known cause, his lungs were unable to properly process oxygen.  We miss him a lot.  Jem and Brydie are the brightest stars in the known universe.

One of the causes of the checkered personal resume is that I have a chronic pain condition that is both annoying and boring. Also painful (obviously).  Due to the fact that I hurt all the time and take an interesting cocktail of drugs I’ve only ever worked part time.  The other cause of my multiple job situation is that I’m interested in quite a lot of things and apparently have difficulty making my mind up about which of these things I should focus on long term.  But that’s okay.

We have three cats, a lot of music and waaaay too many odd socks at Wildstreet.



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