And Wildfiles is?

Well glad you asked!  It’s not an eco-jungle warrior blog, just to set your mind at ease.  I live in Wild Street is all. Years ago I started sending out those irritating Christmas letters under the banner “WILDFILES” and it kind of took off from there.

Look, to be honest I’m a total blogging rookie.  This is just a momentary distraction from other writing and real life stuff.  I guess it’s a little snapshot of life in all its insignificant splendour…  There are quite a few things each day that cause me to cock an eyebrow, snicker quietly or adopt one of those pensive expressions best found on chiselled stone sculptures. And then for some reason I occasionally feel it’s necessary to get it down and share it round.  I’m sure it’s not!  I’m interested in ideas about what makes us tick, what makes life more interesting and entertaining and beautiful.  I believe in God, by which I mean I believe in Love and Grace.  I like to listen like a thief.

Most of what’s here is just bits and pieces tossed up to see how they fall, but if you ever see or hear something on these pages that improves the trajectory of your day, just for a moment, do let me know.

That would be kinda nice.


This is what life looks like from where I sit at Wild St.
This is what life looks like from where I sit at Wild St. You know… on a good day.

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